Wednesday, September 03, 2008

I’m back... again

It’s been a long time since I last posted here but I’d really like to get things going again. I’ve been reading through a lot of radical feminist blogs lately and feel really encouraged and inspired to see so many people taking a stand against the ideology of male-supremacy that pervades every aspect of our lives. I often haven’t known where I want my own blog to go, what to talk about, whether or not to focus purely on things making the news or whether to make it more personal for example. But most of all I’m lazy and would rather sit around doing nothing than actually thinking and bothering to come up with some decent posts. A total of just 4 posts has been the product of my last 12 months here. So I want to try again, I want to talk about what’s happening here and around the world. But I also want to talk about what ordinary people can do and what it means to belong to certain groups in society.

I go back to uni on the 22nd by the way. I haven’t actually found out for sure what I’ll be doing but I want to continue with sociology and since I’ve only done it for one of my two years at uni I might have to do the second year course now on its own as a part-time student. This would of course give me yet more time to waste and would make a change from the fairly heavy workload I had last year. Anyway I like sociology and think it fits in well with my own way of looking at the world. It’s not just about understanding the world as it is but about understanding how it got that way in the first place and perhaps how things can be done differently. Only then can we see things like gender and class and race truly as a fiction put in place to serve the interests of the powerful whether they be men, or rich people, or white people.

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